Shooting with the Sony A7s

After using this camera on many shoots as freelancers, we decided to make the daunting decision to purchase a new camera, to see us through the foreseeable future. The A7s is the gift that keeps on giving, and is perfect for event and corporate shoots. Its size is the key, its extremely practical and transportable. The versatility as a slow motion shooter as well as a UHD camera (With external recorder) allows it to to be used in most situations. Thats not even mentioning its incredible low light abilities. As we have only owned the camera for a day now, we have a limited amount of footage, but what we have shot for ourselves we are very impressed with and adds a extra edge to our cinematic

Leanna & Richard

This May we was fortunate enough to be booked by Leanna & Richard, who hosted their wedding at the charming Pinewood Hotel. They are an amazing couple, with a connection many would be envious of. They truly enjoyed every element of their day, which is what we love to see. Every aspect had been thought out and special attention payed to entertaining their guests. This is the first wedding we have shot featuring a rodeo sheep! which was a brilliant end to the evening, along with the non stop partying crowd. The cake topper was an idea of genius, asking the guests to compile Play Doh models in competition with each other, to create the best topper for the bride and groom to judge. Overall we ha

Wedding Guests: The new era of possible problems

Over the years it is fair to say we have filmed our fair share of weddings. There are many trends that come in and fade away, many to never return for years. However there is one changing tidal wave of a trend we have encountered, and im sure you have too. We recently stumbled across this article, outlining the growing problem of wedding guests and how they can become a problem for us as videographers and fellow photographers. We are all placed in a particular stage in history where it is perfectly acceptable to take a photo with any number of devices, where ever we may be. But as this article demonstrates, through some amazing imagery, is how this has become a hinderance to us in creating a

Our First Post

Until recently, we have not come to realise the importance of blogging. Upon this realisation we have realised it is key to expressing the thought process's videographers tend to unload either internally or to fellow colleagues. With this realisation we have decided to publish our thoughts on new ways of filming, current and complted shoots, as well as general news and information we have been pondering over, and how it can change the filmmaking game. Any readers will hopefully come to gauge how we feel about our work and the industry we are in. Also where we feel it is going and how we intend to keep ahead in terms of creativity and technology. So there we have it, a new chapter for us. And