Choosing a Videographer for your Wedding - An Inline Film Perspective

Choosing a Videographer – An Inline Film Perspective I have been thinking about writing this article for some time. But I have often stopped myself, worrying about a possible backlash from any suppliers or couples. Therefore I would like to state these views are purely my own, and are based on views I have obtained over the years as a videographer myself. I also accept that there are many other experienced videographers with similar posts, but i have always wanted to put my views out there for couples that wish for information. If you do not wish to read through all of this post, but would like a list of good questions to ask a supplier, please scroll to the bottom. Step 1: Do I want a video

Kara & Shane

Kara & Shane, where do we begin? These guys are the most amazing couple. Having known them briefly over the years we could not wait to film their wedding. At our meeting we spent more time talking about non related wedding topics than we did their actual day! With a build up to the day becoming more & more tense due to weather forecasts, it was anyone’s guess how the day would turn out. But luckily the downpour only lasted an hour, and we managed to get some great shots regardless. With a great mixture of comedy and traditional values, the day was sophisticated but full of laughter. Many hours were spent making the wedding favours (and taste testing from Shane, giving his "Stamp of Approval"