Jess & David

We love going back to venues where we grow up. I for one went to my School Prom at Orsett Hall, so the place always has meaning to me. Which was amazing to find out that Jess had the same connection to the venue as myself, as well as knowing a few mutual friends. Small world. Of course to find this out we had met before the wedding to discuss their big day. This is when i met David and Ollie for the first time. What an amazing little family. So the day was upon us, i dont think there was a part of the morning i captured Jess without a smile on her face, even when her and her bridal party were all stuck in the bath (Not as bad as it sounds). Which makes our job easy! David was cool and collec

Victoria & Nathaniel

Its always great to have a joining of different nations, cultures and traditions. Victoria & Nathaniel's wedding was one of these occasions. The UK met the US in a fantastic marriage celebration at Crondon Park in Essex, full of fun, laughter and heartfelt messages. It was a while back when we first met, and talking through the day i could already tell the joining together from two backgrounds was going to be an amazing day to capture. Throwing together the outgoing nature of the US with the reserved, but equally as eccentric British behaviour, this is always something that will come together perfectly. From the trumpet welcoming Victoria down the isle to meet Nathaniel, to the London bus th