Louise & Liam

WOW! is how i need to start this post. These two could not to have been more perfect as a couple. We did not actually meet Louis & Liam until their wedding was approaching, and i think we spent just as much time chatting about everything else as we did their day. Starting the day of in a local hotel, the bridesmaids stole the show for the first part of the morning, as Louise chilled and awaited her time to leave for the venue. Being picked up in style, the jaw dropping Ferrari picked her up and we were on route to Gaynes Park. Breaking from the norm, Louise had the little cottage to herself, where her makeup artist and hair stylist went to work. We had the opportunity to steal her dress and

Amy & Phil

When meeting a couple, we always get a feel of how the day will unfold. However when we met Amy & Phil, we couldn't help but beg for the weather to hold out. We met at Prested Hall as a central point, and whilest poor Phil was stuck in London traffic, Amy talked us through the day, stressing that it must not rain! They were determined that their day would be similar to the exceptionally sunny days surrounding it, but this was not meant to be. Some couples would be devastated by this, but there was not a moment during the day that i didn't see them both with a smile on their faces. We parted from their wedding feeling like one of the guests, and learned so much about the both of them. From ho