Chairty work is always deep in our hearts, we love creating the visions and capturing the moments in which groups and indviduals put so much effort and hard work in to. We feel that video is very important for Charities, as it enables the world to see exactly what they strive to acheive, and promote events and fundraising efforts for the future of the organisations.

"The OppO Foundation"

This is a promotion for The OppO Foundation Charity Gala Dinner, hosted in The Hippodrome Casino, Leiceter Square. The night was full of elegance and charm, with the soundtrack of the RAF Squadronaires setting the tone of the evening. Paralympian Derek Derenalagi narrates this film, with a heart stomping talk in which he details his background and his time in the forces.



The OppO Foundation - Gala Intro Film

Shaun in the City - David Gandy