The days of having to carry around discs to friends and family to relive your wedding day are long gone. We now utilise an online platform that presents your wedding much like the traditional DVD and Blu Ray menus. 

We understand there is a reluctance to let go of physical media, however when was the last time you watched a DVD? How many modern laptops or computers do you know, that have a CD drive? As a direct result of this physical media has become harder and harder to create for our couples. The software we used for many years is now obsolete, and physical media is becoming a huge task to create for no real gain. 

So what do we offer?

Online delivery is now the standard within our industry, and comes with so many benefits. 

- Hosted online for quick delivery

- Protected links for you and your family

- 10 year storage online 

- Viewing on any device!

- Offline download available for backup 

- Website page dedicated to your day to share with friends and family


Click the above image for an example

If you are still not convinced, we like to ensure you this is the best way to view your wedding in the highest quality possible. When creating DVD's your clean cinematic film is compressed down to over half of its resolution. Meaning that it does not resemble anything close to how it was filmed. Bluray does solve this, but also brings its own problems with a low adoption of players to play them on. Then there is the damage factor, once scratch on your disc means that your wedding is unwatchable! 

If you are certain that you wish to have physical media, this is still an option that we can arrange with you.

If you have any questions about our method of delivery, please feel free to ask