Wedding Films

Fiona & Mahia-John
- 17/09/16
- The Happenstance, London


Running around Wembley Stadium looking for a coffee shop that wasn't closed is how we first met Fiona & Mahia-John. Unfortunately we were too late. We sat outside on a bench where we discussed their day, and from then on we knew their day would be action packed!

London. There aren't many back drops for a wedding that could top it. The church stood in the centre of giants, but somehow it over towered them all. The busy streets that surrounded, and the enchanted faces of onlookers, watching the newly married couple taking their first stroll through the city, as husband and wife made their day even more special.

Fiona & Mahia made it clear to everyone that the day was about their union. All of the extras like the stunning venue and the little details that "make" a wedding, were all just bonuses. These two are a great example of how a wedding should be done.