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Wedding Guests: The new era of possible problems

Over the years it is fair to say we have filmed our fair share of weddings. There are many trends that come in and fade away, many to never return for years. However there is one changing tidal wave of a trend we have encountered, and im sure you have too.

We recently stumbled across this article, outlining the growing problem of wedding guests and how they can become a problem for us as videographers and fellow photographers. We are all placed in a particular stage in history where it is perfectly acceptable to take a photo with any number of devices, where ever we may be. But as this article demonstrates, through some amazing imagery, is how this has become a hinderance to us in creating a cinematic production of your special day.

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We urge guests on our shoot to keep a distance at certain key parts of the day, to ensure we get the images we have envisioned. But every now and again we will encounter the "isle invader", or the "unintentional photo bomber". This may not seem a big deal to the guest and even the bride and groom, but when post production begins, those shots that should have been, will never be.

This is not to say we want everybody to holster their cameras and phones, not at all. But to what extent can the line be crossed. We have heard stories of guests jumping out in to the isle, with ipads, and following the bride and groom down the isle, to guests taking over group photos, in order to get a shot of the happy couple with their partners or children.

So where does the responsibility lie? I feel as a videographer it is important to make a stand when we can see these guests preparing to step in. We are there to do a job, they are there to enjoy the happiness of the newly formed couple. By all means take your photos away from the designated times we need. Just leave it to the professionals to capture the magic as they would want us to.

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