• James Boyce

Shooting with the Sony A7s

After using this camera on many shoots as freelancers, we decided to make the daunting decision to purchase a new camera, to see us through the foreseeable future. The A7s is the gift that keeps on giving, and is perfect for event and corporate shoots.

Its size is the key, its extremely practical and transportable. The versatility as a slow motion shooter as well as a UHD camera (With external recorder) allows it to to be used in most situations. Thats not even mentioning its incredible low light abilities.

As we have only owned the camera for a day now, we have a limited amount of footage, but what we have shot for ourselves we are very impressed with and adds a extra edge to our cinematic videography.

After looking around the web to find any examples of the A7s use with Twixtor and optical flow (FCPX) , we found this seems to have not been covered in detail or at all. So we thought we would have a go ourselves (Also using Twixtor for the first time) and here is the result:

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