• James Boyce

Natalie & Rob

We first met Natalie & Rob back in March in the always-popular borough market, for a drink and a chat. It was abundantly clear from the first email that Natalie was in control of every element of their day. By this i do not mean Rob was not involved of course, Natalie was just totally organised and in ultra wedding planning mode! Which is great, there is nothing better for us than knowing everything that is going to happen and pretty much down to the minute.

This is not to say that the day was run like a military campaign, it made the day transition smoothly from one part to the next, and it really showed. Everybody had a great day. Their wedding was elegant, classy and packed with a little crazy as the evening drew nearer and the guests were dragged to the dance floor and photo booth.

It was great to edit a film that included their commissioned piece, performed by a string quartet. This really made the film their own.

It was amazing to hear that they loved the final film, and was really a pleasure to be a part of their day and memories.


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