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Carla & Phil

Its always nice to book with a couple that was recommended by a previous bride, and this was exactly what happened when Carla & Phil contacted us. Set in the Cotswolds, we began the morning with a stroll around the grounds of the Bay Tree Hotel, which was the perfect setting for the alice in wonderland themed day ahead.

Carla, her bridesmaids and the best (wo)man were eagerly preparing up in the charming suite, whilst Phil and his entourage prepared the final parts of the decorations in the conservatory and ceremony location. As you can see below, the weather was astonishing. Which was a great surprise considering the days that led up to the wedding left much to be desired.

The long walk down to the isle would normally get the better of some couples, but smiles from both Carla & Phil were all that was seen. Carla in the arms of her brother could not wait to meet Phil at the bottom of the isle. The ceremony was topped off with two amazing readings, beautiful music as well as being located outside in the garden grounds.

Once the reception was in full swing, the photographer, and ourselves stole the couple away for some much anticipated photos in the village streets. Then the heavens opened! Armed with only a small umbrella, we all found shelter under a doorway waiting for the rain to pass. Luckily one of the house owners could see the bride struggling to stay dry, and invited us in to the most amazing secret courtyard. To the photographer’s amazement and the hotel staff, this had never been possible for any other couple.

The speeches were lovingly delivered, which is always great for us when editing the film. And the evening highlight was the choreographed first dance/flash mob, which made sure everyone was in the mood to party into the night. Carla & Phil are clearly an amazing couple, that truly belong together. And seeing them on their wedding day, I’m sure cemented this for all of their friends and family.

Here is the visual story of their day:


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