• James Boyce

Hayley & David

So we hit that time of year, where the weather is unpredictable. Couples take a chance and hope for the best when booking in the "riskier" months. But Hayley & David's wishful thinking obviously paid off, as they had one of the hottest days of the year, in MAY! And to top it off they had chosen a venue overlooking the sea at the charming Westcliff Hotel in Southend on Sea.

We only met in person shortly before the big day, and realised we had a lot in common growing up in similar areas. So our meet took some big detours before actually discussing the day. Hayley was being bombarded with weather reports from her family and friends, as the upcoming week was going to be HOT on at least one day. Trying to not get her hopes up she embraced the fact it may rain all day.

David sat and absorbed all of the information flying around, as cool as a cucumber. So it was a shock to find out during the speeches how different he was in his younger days. Perfectly described by his two best men, they couldn't have painted a better picture of him. But its safe to say on his wedding day, he was Hayley's perfect gentleman!

The weather was complimented by amazing guests and a perfectly planned wedding day, they both did an amazing job bringing everybody together and being able to mingle with their guests amongst the formalities.

Congratulations to these two, and i hope they cherish this highlight film in years to come!


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