• James

Victoria & Nathaniel

Its always great to have a joining of different nations, cultures and traditions. Victoria & Nathaniel's wedding was one of these occasions. The UK met the US in a fantastic marriage celebration at Crondon Park in Essex, full of fun, laughter and heartfelt messages.

It was a while back when we first met, and talking through the day i could already tell the joining together from two backgrounds was going to be an amazing day to capture. Throwing together the outgoing nature of the US with the reserved, but equally as eccentric British behaviour, this is always something that will come together perfectly.

From the trumpet welcoming Victoria down the isle to meet Nathaniel, to the London bus that transported the guests to Crondon Park. It was clear the wedding was catered to both sides perfectly.

Victoria & Nathan were a pleasure to meet. They couldn't have made us feel more welcomed, we met some great people during the course of their wedding, and we are thankful as always that we was chosen to capture their day.

Here is how the day unfolded:


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