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  • How do I book your services?
    After an initial call or email, we will provide you with a quotation for your coverage. And send over an invoice detailing your package, deposit and terms & conditions. We require a 20% booking fee of our base coverage to secure your date.
  • Will you hold the date for us?
    After every initial enquiry, we make a note of your date, even if you have just contacted to ask a question. This way we can inform you if there has been any interest in your date since your enquiry. We allow a 24hour period before then taking another booking. To secure a your wedding we do require a booking fee.
  • Do you provide any midweek/seasonal discounts?
    Our prices have been carefully created to cover all aspects of the work we undertake. Your wedding in the week is just as important as those on the weekend or in the "peak season" and our approach and dedication is exactly the same. We hope our couples feel they receive the same attention to detail and hard work no matter the date, location, time of year or package.
  • How do you approach the filming of the day?
    We pride ourselves on becoming "invisible". We have had great feedback over the years regarding our presence during the weddings we have captured. Most of which say we forgot you was even there. Thats not to say we keep a huge distance all day, as some parts e.g. the preparations, we are of course very present. However from our experience the morning has always been a great way to then blend in. We can get to know you and your wedding party, who doesn't like being on camera, who loves it, and gauge how to capture everyone in their own preferred way. When we meet couples before the wedding date, we like to get a feel of how they would like the day to go, and from this we know how to film.
  • How many of you will be there on the day?
    This will depend on the coverage you have booked with us. If additional preparations are added we will have a second videographer to capture this as well as remaining there for the remainder of the day. Some coverage will only require a single videographer, this will be discussed in the booking stages e.g. if all preparations, ceremony and reception takes place in one location.
  • How long do you stay on the day?
    This is very much down to the coverage you require. Our standard end time is first dance. However we never wish to end your film on one dance, we want to see everyone get involved. We aim to capture your guests partying which usually means around 20 minutes of your evening features in the film. Of course if you have booked additional evening coverage, this will be up to 10:30pm unless agreed otherwise.
  • Do you travel for weddings?
    We are based in Essex, but we take around 60% of our work out of this area. We are happy to travel all over the UK, and love the opportunity to capture destination weddings. For any bookings outside of our 50miles included, we do require travel/accommodation expenses to be covered. This is so we can ensure we are a close as possible on the morning of your wedding. As a company that provides memories, risk is not something we like to take. Long travel distance is one of them and being near to you is a priority to ensure we are there, and miss nothing.
  • Are our films backed up?
    We back up every wedding we shoot to our hard drive in which we work from, and an additional hard drive stored in a fireproof safe. We keep these two copies for a year. After this time the backup drive is cleared to make room for more weddings, but one copy will stay indefinitely. We always advise that you back up your films yourself, which is why we provide the downloadable files as a part of the final product.


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