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Our tailored coverage guide to capture your wedding day

The Main Event 



One Videographer capturing one side of morning preparations through to the first dance. This essentials investment enables us to create a 30 minute short form film, which will combine all the elements of your day into a storytelling narrative. The Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance are featured in full, separate to the main film. 

Bridal Preparations


Often the chosen preparations to be included in our essential coverage, Capturing bridal preparations is about more than just documenting events. It's about telling a story. 


This is the perfect time to capture bridal details like the dress, shoes, and jewellery, each with its own story to tell. The camaraderie, laughter, and shared memories with the bridal party are essential moments to capture, all leading to the moment the dress is on and the anticipated "reveal".

Secondary Preparations/
Additional Videographer


Capturing the other side of the morning creates a full picture of the day for both sides to relive through film. Weaving together the unique perspectives of both partners as they prepare for the day and life ahead.

This is an additional coverage option that allows us to send a dedicated videographer to the partner's preparations. Often this will be in a different location. They will stay all day capturing those in between moments one videographer might not be physically be able to capture.  

Evening Coverage
(Until 11pm)


Have something special planned in the evening? Or just wish for us to capture as much of the partying as possible?


The evening coverage option will keep us rolling through to 11pm when the dance floor is in full swing, or your evening entertainment is underway.

Highlights Film



Our Highlights Films are definitely the most popular addition to our wedding film investments. This 3-5 minute film captures the entire day, in a building tempo from preparations through to the partying. Each Highlights Film has a music track licensed for online sharing, and chosen to fit the feel and vibe of your day.

Our Film Delivery

Our films are delivered online in 4K and available to download for safekeeping. We have now moved away from physical media, such as DVD and Blu Ray, due to changes in technology. The advantages of online delivery are so far beyond traditional methods, that we are certain you will agree.

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